Fatimah Az-Zahra Binti Mohamed Ibrahim



L.L.B (Hons) UIAM, L.L.B Syariah (Hons) UIAM

Her tremendous years of reading civil law and syariah law had evolved her knowledge and experience and she successfully graduated in Bachelor of Laws (Honors), IIUM in 2015 and later on, the second degree, in Bachelor of Laws (Shariah), IIUM in 2016.

She manage to finish her pupillage in Messrs Shahrul & Rafizal, in Conveyancing matters. At the same year of her pupillage, she managed to enrol as Syarie Counsel for Federal States in 2017 after successfully sat for the exams.

After finishing her pupillage,  she managed to pursue and practise as paralegal at M. Raman & Associates, and fully in charge of civil litigation. She also become a co-counsel with Messrs. Zabir Imran & Partners in Criminal Litigation.

She successfully enrolled as Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in 2018 and luckily without any pause, she been offered to practise as Advocate & Solicitor in Messrs. Asiah & Hisam as a Civil Litigator in Department of Corporate and Civil Litigation, Messrs. Asiah & Hisam until now.

She managed to enrol as Syarie Counsel for Negeri Sembilan in 2019 after successfully finished her pupillage with Messrs. Ayuni Ahmad & Co. She then without hesitant, further her effort and after thorough examinations and interview from the State, she successfully enrols as Syarie Counsel for Negeri Selangor in 2020.

She now holds Syarie certificate for three major states surrounding her Firm area, which are Negeri Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Federal Territories of Malaysia, inclusive Labuan. She is now actively practising as Counsel in both Courts of Malaysia, Civil and Syariah Courts throughout Malaysia since 2017 until now.

In her first year of civil practise, in 2018, she had her greatest opportunity to appear as Appeal Counsel in Palace of Justice, Malaysia and had successfully won the Appeal, for a Contract case amounted to millions RM.

She is also been given exposure and opportunities to handle and involve in various types of Civil cases such as Intellectual Property (IP), Contractual Disputes or Settlements, SOGA, CIPAA, Committal, assessment of damages, Injunction, stay of proceedings, transfer of proceeding, negligence and et cetera in  different  levels of  Courts  and  has  attended  to  various  types of  Criminal  cases  under

 Dangerous Drugs Act, Poison Act, AMLA, Rape case, gang riot and et cetera, inclusive with meetings with OKT in Prisons.

She loves Probate and Administration of Estate, Faraid, and Harta Sepencarian involving Muslim and Non-Muslim as well as Wasiat, Hibah and civil general litigation matters.

Currently, she manages Syariah & Estate Team in Messrs. Asiah & Hisam and co-assisting the Managing Partner, En Ahmad Ziadi Bin Dato’ Zaidon in Corporate & Civil Litigation Team.

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