Firm’s Achievement


For over 20 years, Messrs. Asiah & Hisam have been handling Small Medium Enterprises, Companies and Individuals conveyancing & litigation related matter with  accumulated track record of MYR 5 Billion worth in total values.
In all circumstances with the aid of numerous Bank Panels, the Firm had been in the fast lane for efficient delivery of services to our clienteles from both Private and Public Sector.
Our lawyers and staffs are committed in providing the best services to our panels with an average of 2000 conveyancing files per year. Furthermore, it had been an inspiring journey to achieve what we are today with the aid of our Firm Panel Real Estate Companies, Consultants, Financial Institutons and Companies.
In the Corporate & Litigation Sector of Messrs. Asiah & Hisam, the Firm has a track record of handling of over MYR 3 Billion worth of matter namely :-
  • A Contract Appeal Case involves an agreement that has been modified according to the wishes of the parties.
  • Appeal Case involving Strata Management Agent (MC), Building Commissioner (COB) and Joint Management Body (JMB) involving management accounts.
  • Disputed Inheritance Case involving a total of MYR 4.2 Million.
  • Disputed Matrimonial Property Case involving a total of MYR 5 Million.
  • Inheritance Cases involving the Malaysian Royalty.
  • Defending a Public Citizen against Malaysian Royalty Lawsuit.
  • Litigated Government Contract Disputes worth in the total value of MYR 2.5 Billion.
  • Kuwait Finance House MYR 188 Million.
  • MYR 300 Millions worth of Oil & Gas Industry related Intellectual Property Litigations
  • Business Disputes worth up to MYR 3 Million
  • Land Acquisition & Property Disputes.