Noviana Rahmawati

Lead of sales & marketing

Noviana Rahmawati

Noviana Rahmawati has been an integral part of Asiah & Hisam since 2019. With a Bachelor (Hons) in Business Management from MCS, she excels in creating and maintaining robust relationships with agencies and banks, facilitating effective collaborations.

As the main pioneer of the AH Rangers initiative, Noviana focuses on engaging Joint Management Bodies (JMBs) in Selangor, simplifying the Perfection of Transfer and Charge processes. Her leadership has significantly enhanced client satisfaction and streamlined procedures.

An expert in subsales cases, Noviana provides comprehensive solutions and guidance, ensuring smooth transactions and favorable outcomes. Her strategic marketing efforts have expanded Asiah & Hisam’s market presence, attracting new clients and strengthening the firm’s position.

Noviana is dedicated to exceptional client service, prioritizing their needs and delivering tailored solutions. Her vision for growth and excellence continues to drive Asiah & Hisam towards greater heights, offering unparalleled legal and marketing support.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Subsales Cases
  • Market Development
  • Client Relations
  • Perfection of Transfer & Charge